Lyrical Democracies is the brainchild of two poets who want to inspire opportunities for the advancement of creative solutions to the wellbeing, peace, and wholeness of individuals and communities throughout the country. As poets, professors, organizers, and producers for more than 30 years, we recognize that the light that leads us and the glue that holds us are the power of our stories – all of our stories. We believe that telling our stories to each other has the power to heal the divisions that separate us from each others’ humanities. We believe that meaningful change occurs through the fusion of the imaginative and the pragmatic, and that without community there is no change. Without recognition and exploration of the full stories within any community space, there is no community.

What We Offer Includes:

  • A Workshop(s) on Language, Stories, and Action
  • A Poetry performance and Group Dialogue
  • An Interactive Community Building Project
  • The Communal Meal
  • A Call to Action

We envision this journey to be an organic process. We will work with each group, each community, to develop a program that most meets their needs, in conjunction with our expertise and experience.

Our hope is that working together for one or two days will offer your college, university, community organization, or business an opportunity to explore imaginative possibilities for creating greater cohesion, realizing your vision, and daring to embark on projects that refute an “either or” approach to creativity and public life. We understand that fear permeates our collective consciousnesses and that the creative process can be the strongest antidote to fear.

We can all tell our stories. We can all make our communities, workplaces, and society more whole, more healthy, more actively democratic.

Lyrical Democracies thanks Catherine and Rony Shimony for their generous support.